sad Budweiser can on train tracksThe maker of Budweiser is in a deal to buy the maker of Miller for $125 billion — but now that deal might be in trouble. YouTube/Scott Taipale
The beer giant SABMiller has told its employees to stop working on the company's combination with Anheuser-Busch InBev,Bloomberg reported on Wednesday.
That follows news out Tuesday that AB InBev, the maker of Budweiser, had raised its bid to £45 ($59) a share from the £44 ($57) announced back in October.
The new offer values SABMiller at roughly $125 billion, up fromabout $109 billion last October, based on exchange rates at the time.
Numerous activist investors in SABMiller, including Elliott Management, had raised concerns about the deal following a 12% drop in the pound versus the dollar since the UK voted in June to leave the European Union.
AB InBev also tweaked the terms of an alternative share-and-cash structure designed for SABMiller's two largest shareholders, raising the cash element by £0.88 ($1.15) a share,according to Reuters.

AB InBev's new bid for  SABMiller is $125bn (£82.7bn), the 3rd largest M&A deal on record  
The beer maker's shares dipped in response to the news Wednesday.
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