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Lemonade Lookbook Riverside TaxiOf Mercer
Getting dressed for work as a woman can be difficult; it takes longer to do than the guy who can throw on a suit, and most of the options available are missing the mark between flattering and "cute." Instead of making the clothes women want and need, legacy brands have yet to adapt to accommodate the new lifestyles of modern women.
Totes need smarter, more commuter-friendly designs, and well-made classics in premium materials sound much better than the constant churning out of trends in cheap materials—you know, the ones you hate to be in more than a couple of hours, let alone from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (or however long your work day really takes).
For many women, even spending that precious, limited free time in a dressing room to find enough different combinations to wear to work is both exhausting and unappealing — a thought that hasn't made a large enough impact on retail, yet. Instead of expending more of their energy and time working with the complexities of the office, don't many of us wish we could just outsource the problem to a professional who gets it, instead? So we can spend our free time doing what we like, like hanging out with our friends, our family, or even getting ahead in our career. 
These six women's workwear brands, if you don't know them already, will address each of these concerns and a couple more. Here's proof that some people do get it, and thankfully we can spend the time you might not have to find them for you.

I'm willing to bet you’ll be happy to know them: Dagne DoverMM.LaFleurCitizen’s MarkCuyanaOf Mercer, and Margaux.

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