Donald TrumpThe magazine covers he has appeared on are prominently featured.Sam Rega/Business Insider
In the wake of a vitriolic campaign and a shocking Election Day result, Donald Trump is officially headed for the White House.
However, that doesn't necessarily mean he'll be staying there full time.
According to a report by Maggie Haberman and Ashley Parker of The New York Times, Trump is "a homebody" who often preferred to take late-night flights to "wake up in his own bed in Trump Tower" during his campaign.
After the inauguration, Trump is apparently considering living in the White House during the week and flying back to Manhattan over the weekend.
So where would he work when he's not in DC? The Republican businessman has an office on the 26th floor of Trump Tower, which overlooks Central Park in Manhattan. The building broke ground in 1979 and serves as the headquarters of the Trump Organization.
Here's an inside look at Trump's office, from video tours the now president-elect gave to The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post last fall:

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