Friday, September 2, 2016

Meeting with President Xi Jinping in Hangzhou

Meeting with President Xi Jinping in Hangzhou

Updated about an hour ago
Happy to meet President Xi Jinping again, this time in Hangzhou, the scenic and historic city hosting this year’s #G20 Summit.

We had a good exchange on the close and substantive cooperation between ASEAN and China. This year to mark the 25th anniversary of ASEAN-China Dialogue relations, we are convening the ASEAN-China Commemorative Summit. Singapore is the Coordinator of ASEAN-China Dialogue relations and will continue to work with our partners to promote closer ties.

President Xi and I are both pleased with the progress of the Chongqing Connectivity Initiative (CCI) that we launched last November ( It fits China’s “One Belt, One Road” strategy to foster interconnectivity with its neighbours.

Singapore has a close and longstanding friendship with China. May our cooperation develop and benefit both countries as we prosper together.

I look forward to visiting Chongqing tomorrow. It’ll be my first visit since we launched the CCI  - LHL

很高兴再次与习近平主席见面,这次是在G20峰会的举办城市和风景如画的杭州。我们针对加强两国广泛合作进行了积极友好的交谈。今年是中国 - 东盟建立对话关系25周年。新加坡是中国 - 东盟对话关系协调员,我们将继续与中亚合作,促进更紧密的联系。

新中是多年好友。但愿我们友谊长存,也能与世界一同茁壮成长。我与习主席在去年11月启动的重庆互联互通示范项目(进展不错,习主席也认同这一点。这项目是支持中国“一带一路”促进互联互通战略的一部分。期待明天的重庆之行。这将是我在重庆项目启动之后的首访 - 李显龙

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