Battersea Power StationA rendering of the revitalized Battersea Power Station in London.Battersea Power Station
Apple is moving its UK headquarters to the Battersea Power Station — London's iconic brick building that Pink Floyd portrayed on the cover of its 1977 album "Animals." The station's redevelopment is part of an estimated $16.5 billion megadevelopment in the city.
The tech giant will relocate its 1,400 UK employees to the building after its $8.8 billion restoration is completed in 2021.
Located in southwest London's Nine Elms neighborhood, the former power station will serve as the center of the larger redevelopment project (dubbed the Battersea Power Station development), which features high-end apartments, hotels, roof gardens, parks, and other offices. It will be one of the most expensive developments in in the city's history.
A Malaysian consortium and architecture firm WilkinsonEyre will lead the power station's development, which includes converting the building into offices, shops, event space, theater, and luxury condos.
Here's what it will look like.

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